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Company Introduction

Go Green Industrial Shanghai Limited is a professional manufacturer and specialist of pavement maintenance products and asphalt products for the construction and building industry. Its 100% foreign invested enterprise located in Shanghai, the head office has 30 years history, the sub-offices spread over 5 states. We've been involved in a wide variety of road construction projects all around the world. Go Green aim to be the number one manufacturer for building sustainability environment friendly road.


Our manufacturing facilities

Go Green Shanghai production scope and facilities includes:

35,000 square meter factory including laboratory , finished product warehouse.

20,000 square meter aggregate and material stock yard.

Two Asphalt mixing plants, one is specially made cold mixing asphalt plant. producing capacity up to 200 tons/ per hour.

Four Automatic asphalt emulsion processing and production complete plants.

Two Modified asphalt equipment

One Emulsified asphalt equipment.

Two Additive producing and progressing facilities.

Two Sets of automatic packing lines.

One Set of automatic emulsion filling machine.

Ten Vehicles for asphalt transportation.


New product innovation capability

We continue to meet the challenges of new road material technology with honesty and commitment to the highest quality in innovative road construction.

Go Green company has its three R&D centers located in China and Australia. Our laboratory has 30 years experience testing raw materials, we have most advanced facilities. From each ingredient on through to the finished product, to be called "Go Green " it has to pass our tests. Strict quality control procedures are followed for each and every production Go Green rolls out. Our industry-leading lab and R & D team is continuously researching, testing and eveloping new solutions to meet the ever-changing needs of the pavement repair and maintenance market.


Our employees

At Go Green Industrial Shanghai Limited, we are continually on the look out for talented people. As leaders in our industry, we are committed to developing our employees, improving our team and individual performances. This gives you the opportunity to achieve professional and personal growth. The number and range of these development and training initiatives is vast. Our performance management process is designed to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to contribute to our company goals.

Numbers of Go Green employees

8 Innovative technical engineers

10 Project solution engineers

20 Office people

6 Laboratory personnels

60 Producing workers including forklift truck workers.

50 Experienced road construction workers.



Our brand

Go Green people are very proud of its sustainability greening target and its famous brand -Go Green. the trademark for the 'Go Green ' brand and logo are legally registered in China and Australia, its already widely used for 7 years and continuous used for global common goal. " Save the Green Planet" Since this time we have extended our trademark Go Green extensively in China and Australia building up a wealth of goodwill through the use of these trademarks and our core values - build green road for the future. We continually seek to protect our trademarks so that customers can be assured in the knowledge that they are dealing with a market leader in the road materials sector.


Eco-Friendly issue

Go Green Paving Materials, the innovator of high performance pavement building and and maintenance materials , was at the forefront of looking at its products’ eco-friendliness long before “Green” was a common buzzword. Both Go Green products has special low carbon processing and has awards the Low VOC Sustainability certificate.

We are jointed with the internationally renowned road research institutes and introduction of foreign maturing technology and application of scientific and technological achievements for road construction

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