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Why Go Green products have the benefits for environment?

Go Green is manufactured and tested under stringent quality controlled conditions at ISO 9000 accredited asphalt mixing plants. This product also has very low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) emissions and is a result of Go Green's continuous focus to develop eco-friendly pavement repair products.

*Energy Conservation in Manufacturing-Approximately a 70% decrease in fossil fuel consumption due to lower manufacturing temperatures

*Contains No Petroleum Derivative Cutbacks-A 100% decrease over conventional Cold Mix Asphalt which contacins dangerous amounts of the carcinogens benzene, kerosene, diesel, toluene or naphthalene.

*Biodegradable Solvents-Our solvents are drived from natural, biodegradable products that come from a sustainable source.

*Recyclability-Go Green Asphalt cold patch can be easily recycled.

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