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Go Green Spring Outing in Wuyuan


As trees turn green, flowers blossom and sun shines brightly, everything in nature takes on a new look, it is a perfect time for us to go out to enjoy the beautiful nature scenes. 

From 24th to 26th March, Go Green took an unforgetable trip to Wuyuan, the most beautiful village in China, let's enjoy the pleasant journey in charming Spring.

Wuyuan , known as the most beautiful village of China. At the end of every march the rape flowers have blossomed all over the mountains

Everywhere is spring, everywhere are rape flowers. Flowers spread every village, stony road, brook, valley...It’s especial life style to away from the noise and pollution of the city and get out into the natural world.

With a sunny day, we had climbed the most famous Taoist scenic spot---Sanqingshan, beautiful scenery, cloud-covered. Influenced by Chinese traditional culture, we thought that climbing mountain as a symbol of blessing. Hope bring to the good luck in the future, career is ever more flourishing, make a new splendid point with all colleagues!

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