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The Bund Red Porous Asphalt Pavement Project Completed Successfully


To respond to our government call “sponge city”, through unremitting efforts, Go Green experts team have worked out perfect solution and developed relative paving materials.

Go Green, as famous road paving and maintenance materials supplier at home and abroad, is honored to be designed cooperator for the bund color porous asphalt pavement project. The project has been completed successfully recently.


Project Size: 1000m(L)*3m(W)

Paving Thickness: 4cm

Color: Red


Go Green color porous asphalt pavement is a new pattern color asphalt paving program based on color asphalt pavement. The surface layer uses OGFC gradation asphalt concrete, which uses Go Green special high viscosity colorless asphalt binder as the bonding material, the voidage is 18%~25% after compaction. The rainwater permeate into the dewatering layer through the surface void, and drain out the water to underearth or to road two sides through the interlamination voids, thus to eliminate surface water films which bring lots driving troubles. It can significantly improve driving safety and comfort in rainy days. According to the structure, Go Green color porous asphalt pavement including semi permeable pavement and full permeable pavement.


Semi permeable color asphalt paving program

The semi permeable color asphalt pavement is consist of porous color asphalt surface layer and waterproof structure layer, between the top and bottom porous color asphalt pavement layers, it need to build up the waterproof bonding layer. The rainwater can permeate into the color asphalt pavement through the surface voids, and drain out to two sides along the base layer. This can effectively avoid rainwater permeate into the pavement base structure layer. The water on porous color asphalt surface layer need to flow accessibly to one direction. We can use pre-embedded pipes or drainage ditches to lead water away.

Full permeable color asphalt paving program

Full permeable asphalt paving program don’t need to build waterproof layer under the porous color asphalt pavement. The asphalt bottom layer and base course both use permeable structure, the surface water finally permeate into the base course through the permeable structure layer. This kind of permeable structure can quickly make the rainwater permeate into underground, thus to restore underground water, keep soil moisture and maintain the ecological balance of underground water and soil. The color asphalt paving program is mainly suitable for landscape, square, footpath etc.

This project is Go Green full permeable asphalt paving program. We will make best solution based on clients' requirements. Please contact us to get details.

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