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Become a Producer

Become a Producer-Cold Asphalt Mixing Plant for the manufacture of Eco-friendly Cold Asphalt Mixture product, Business Opportunity.


The Manufacturing Plant We advise all licensees to establish a manufacturing plant , with the ability to expand with extra machinery as demand for the product grows. It is of the utmost importance to design your plant efficiently to ensure you gain maximum coverage and space. At Go Green, we have a team of experts on-hand to help with the design of your manufacturing plant and to ensure you get the maximum economical output possible.


Be the first in your region to produce and carry the only nationally recognized VOC-free cold asphalt mixture product. Producing the first eco-friendly Go Green from you your own manufacturing plant has never been simpler! The Go Green Products Emulsion will deliver the patented VOC-free liquid solution right to your door-ready to mix and easy to use!


Our suitable products for production including: cold mix asphalt emulsion, micro paving warm mix asphalt emulsion, warm mix color asphalt, colorless asphalt binder, high viscosity asphalt modifier, asphalt recycling agent. Go Green will provide the professional manufacturing guide.


When you become a licensed manufacturer, we become a team. We will work together to improve the product, the manufacturing process, the industry and its reputation. We will educate you on how to properly apply the products so you can help educate or re-educate your customers.


This is an unmissable opportunity!

Our support includes...

• The opportunity to build a successful profitable business

Exclusive rights to manufacture our products in a defined territory

• A proven track record of success and performance

• Provision of Go Green eco-friendly admixture emulsion

• The choice of new, innovative products as they are developed

Advice on your manufacturing plant, specification and local aggregates

• Production guides

• Marketing support


When you become a licensed manufacturer, you join our team and become part of a unique group that will rise above the rest in the green paving industry.   We will inform you of any new products developed by Go Green R&D center during the period, educate you on how to properly apply the products . It's not just a good business opportunity, The plant and customer base will always be owned by you and have value as an asset.


For more information about producing Go Green in your asphalt facility, call us 0086-21-61053027, or e-mail us.

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