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Orange Hot Mix Colored Asphalt Project in Zhejiang


Go Green orange hot mix colored asphalt project in Zhejiang

The sky is cloudless, scenery is so beautiful in October. At this good season, Go Green finish a hot mix colored asphalt project in Zhejiang successfully.

To meet the different colors requirement in foreign and domestic market,  Go Green experts team developed many special colors of pigments through an unremitting efforts. Very suitable for producing hot mix colored asphalt. This project is just the special color, orange.

Go Green Hot Mix Colored Asphalt product is not only have the features of cost-efficient, environment protection, high temperature resistance, water damage resistance, good workability, meet the index of heavy traffic asphalt, but also have color durability. 

Go Green Hot Mix Color Asphalt Application Range:

Parks, Square, Villa

Footpath, Bicycle Lane, Bus Lane, BRT, Motorway

Heavy Traffic Driveway.

Project Specification:

Application: Motorway

Project Area: 4m (W) * 6000m(L)

Color: Orange

Paving Thickness: 5cm

Open to traffic after the temperature cool down to ordinary temperature.

Photos of construction site:

1. Paving

2. Compaction

3. Finish

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