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Hot Mix Colored Asphalt Project in Kunshan Industrial Park


Go Green hot mix colored asphalt project in Kunshan Industrial Park

Go Green hot mix colored asphalt emulsion is for producing hot mix colored asphalt mixture. When produce, mix the emulsion, pigment and aggregate in mixing plant to produce out colored asphalt mixture. Then loading the material, paving, compacting. Paving thickness suggested is 3~5cm. This kind of pavement which is built with this emulsion, has many good features, such as good high and low temperature resistance, excellent durability, and the color is vivid and won’t fade easily. 

Project Specification:

Size: 6m (W) * 2000m (L)

Paving Thickness: 4cm

Color: Red


Project Photos:

1. Production

2. Paving 

3. Compaction

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