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Grey Porous Asphalt Pavement Project Completed Successfully


Recently, Go Green successfully finished another grey porous asphalt pavement project. 

Porous asphalt pavement has the following outstanding features:

  • Greatly improve driving safety in rainy days, decrease traffic accident.
  • Greatly reduce driving noise, build “quiet city” .
  • Greatly improve walking comfortability. No hydrops in rainy days, shoes won’t wet, this improves image and harmony of the city.
  • Minimize glare harms, especially glare harms in rainy days, relieve fatigue, improve safety.
  • Relieve Urban Heat Island Effect, effectively decrease road surface temperature by 3~5.

Go Green color porous asphalt pavement makes different colors available on porous asphalt pavement basis. Besides the above functions, it beautifies people’s living environment and improves living quality.

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