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Go Green Adhesive Crack Tape

Construction Condition:Temperature should be higher than 15℃, no construction in rainy or snowy.

Application:Go Green crack tape is suitable for various cracks on cement pavement, steel plate, asphalt road, small potholes, well cover etc, to prevent the crack expand and water penetration.
Note:Go Green crack tape can repair the crack width maximum to 2cm, if the crack width is very big, we suggest you can use crack filler or cold asphalt to fill the crack firstly, then stick the crack tape over it, that can effectively prevent the crack expansion.

Construction Instruction:

1. Choose the suitable size crack tape according to crack width, the sizes are available in 5cm, 8cm, 10cm, 12cm, 15cm

2. Clean the crack, the crack surface should be even, without any stone or debris.

3. Tear off the membrane, stick the tape over crack, use rubber hammer to compact it, to ensure the crack tape bond to pavement closely, no bubble or wrinkles.

4. The crack tape can be cut off for irregular crack, stick it according to crack trend.

5. Open to traffic.


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