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Go Green Colorless Asphalt Binder

Production and Construction Process:


1. Clean the black asphalt feeding pipe, contect it to the color asphalt equiipment.  

2. Clean up the mixing tank before mixing.

3. Heat the colorless asphalt binder to around 160-175℃, control the aggregate heating temperature at 170-190℃. 

4. Calculate the pigment quantity before production, pour the pigment into mixing tank, the aggregate should be uniformly covered with pigment, no block or particle segregation.

5. The transportation lorry and paving machine should be clean up in advance. 

6. Keep continous paving to make sure uniform color and particle.

7. Compact it for 2-3 times to ensure its compaction, but avoid overvoltage, otherwise the crush aggregate would effect the color.

8. Open to traffic after 3-4 hours. 


Construction Flow Diagram:

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