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Go Green Micro Paving cold mix asphalt

1.  Surface pretreatment before construction

Cleaning: clean the surface dust and debris, to ensure that "Go Green" and the original pavement can be bonded firmly.
Cracks:  Go Green Micro Paving can automatically fill in cracks smaller than 5mm, For cracks more than 5mm use asphalt crack filler to fill in and process cracks.
Potholes, road peeling and rutting:  Use Go Green Superior cold mix asphalt for repairing.
Road pavement bleeding:  Use Micro Paving directly overlay.
Weather conditions: Micro Paving can be constructed in the temperate above 0 ℃, convenient and quick.
Special note:  Micro Paving is mainly used for pavement preventive maintenance and corrective maintenance,  can not use on the original pavement structure bearing capacity change, so before construction must ensure that the original road structural integrity and have enough bearing capacity.


2.  Paving

Micro Paving recommended professional road paver/roller for paving, the asphalt paver need to be able to complete 0.7-1.5 cm thin layer paving. For bag packaging mixture, suggest to open the bag 0.5-1 hour in the site before paving, use mixture truck to transport, mixture truck need to clean, can not have hot mix residual or other sundries, during transportation, the mixture should be covered. Also, can open the packaged mixture and pour directly into paver, but need to use small elevator to sling the 1 ton bag. For small area, it should use manmade spreads out. And making sure that it is the same everywhere. While Construction, open the product packing bag and pour into paver. Paving 0.7-1.2cm thickness by asphalt paver. If paving quality problem occurred during construction process, under the condition pavement and mixture has no serious pollution and mixture can still allowed to be paving, can be used for a new mixture paving and does not influence the quality of pavement.

3.  Compaction

1) Rolling process of Micro Paving Cold Mix Asphalt is the same way as conventional asphalt.

2) When the material has been laid, either by hand or machine, it is recommended to compact the surface as soon as possible. It is usually compact 4-5 times to guarantee the compaction without crashing aggregate.

3) In order to avoid contamination, the surface of Micro paving cold mix asphalt must wash away the odds and ends and sandy soil before rolling. Do not start rolling unless the equipment is guaranteed clean.

4) Close traffic completely after construction, open the traffic after 3 hours till pavement surface is drying and hardening.

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