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Our Value

Our purpose

Go Green's purpose is to create sustainable solutions for a worldwide road construction industry.


Build Eco-Friendly Road

Go Green is using Modern Road Construction Technologies to solve an age old problem. Building a better, stronger, eco-friendly and more cost effective road. Our product is an eco-friendly alternative to conventional hot mix asphalt paving. Go Green is "Taking care of our Planet one road at a time..."


Our values

Our corporate values of Excellence, Integrity, Collaboration and Endurance are essential principles to guide our decision making and actions.

Excellence - Ambitious and disciplined in pursuit of the highest standards of performance.

Integrity - Open, honest, respectful and authentic in all our dealings.

Collaboration - Working across businesses and developing partnerships.

Endurance - Operating for the long term rather than the quick fix, ever improving.

Customers are at the heart of what we do. Our values are not empty promises. They help us to carry out our work day in, day out; they guide us in our dealings with each other and with our customers and stakeholders; ultimately they are the bedrock of the culture of our company.


At Go Green we work towards giving our customers:

• A reliable service

• Responsiveto your needs

• Understanding of your requirements

• Our straightforward approach means you can rely on us.

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