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View our series of videos on pavement maintenance,color asphalt, crack filling, sealcoating and our micro resurfacing products. Our project videos make it easy for you to understand how Go Green products can help with your application.


Cold Pourable Crack Filler

Eco-friendly cold pourable crack filler, no need to heat or add anything, ready to repair cracks on asphalt & concrete pavement, 1kg crack filler can repair 10-30m cracks, accept traffic within 0.5-1 hour.


Eco-Friendly Silicon Asphalt Pavement Sealer

New pattern eco-friendly silicone based asphalt pavement sealer, 0.2~0.4kg/m2, renew the aged asphalt pavement, prolong the road service time to another more 5 years.


Cold Mix Color Asphalt Running Track Paving

The project is on sports running track


Micro Paving Cold Mix Asphalt

Only 0.7cm thickness with cold mix technology


Superior cold mix asphalt

Go Green pothole repair demonstration in UK


Micro paving cold mix asphalt

Ultra thin paving construction video


Cold mix color asphalt

Riverview project construction


Asphalt Pavement Sealer(APS)

Go Green asphalt pavement sealer highway application and instruction. its UV stable silicone-based.


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